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Creative Ways to Cut Costs and Save More

I've got a couple of creative ways that you can cut everyday costs and save more! 

My first idea is to grocery shop online. I've been doing this recently, and honestly, I find I'm easily saving 20% off my weekly food bill. I think it's just that you don't have the same impulse purchases as you're going aisle to aisle. And it helps you really find those digital deals, or the online coupons that really can help you save that extra money. So, give it a try, shop online, and just pick it up after work, which saves you time too. 

Next, if you love to read, download the Libby app! It's a resource that connects you to your public library for free. Through the app, you can borrow books from your library just like you would in person, as well as audio books, eBooks, and magazines. This way, you don't have to buy books anymore. Just read, enjoy, and return.

Once you’ve identified how much you’ve saved per month using some of these ideas, then put in that equal amount into a savings account so that you can quickly see, “wow this is really helping me”, and could be a great way to build that emergency fund. If you want some more ideas, I've created a free PDF that has 10 creative ways to cut costs and save more.

The link to the PDF is right down below, so give it a try! You would be surprised about how easy these ideas are and how much money over time these tricks could truly save you.

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